Cusan Blanco/Sedamat Blanco

Sometimes sharing a wardrobe can be a real challenge; your clothes end up in drawers they don’t belong in, or what is worse, they disappear completely. Then there are those times when you open a drawer to find that it has been invaded by socks which aren’t yours, that can really get on your nerves. Sometimes you need more than good intentions to respect someone-else’s space. The “Cusan blanco/sedamat blanco” wardrobe has a great layout, which makes it perfect for avoiding these situations. This wardrobe has two clearly separate areas, one for longer clothes with more space and drawers and another with a lower clothes rail for shorter clothes.

Like this, your clothes will never go astray again. Furthermore, the ‘sedamat blanco’ lacquered finish makes this wardrobe a discreet feature in any room.


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