Barna Tint Nogal Brillo

What do we mean when we say we want to bring elegance to a wardrobe? What is elegance?

The answer is in front of us: combine materials perfectly so that there is total harmony and elegance in a room.

This wardrobe in an engineered walnut veneer with glossy finish, comprises material elements as diverse as a mirror, the stoneware or transparent glass.

Muebles de cocina Doca suggest that their clients go a little further and cover the backs of this walk-in-wardrobe with smoked glass or porcelain Pulpis imitation stone. Thereby achieving a visual impact.

In the same way, Muebles de cocina Doca create functional islands with drawers and pull-out trays on both sides.

Furthermore there is n upper area covered in transparent glass for sting books, jewellery or various utensils. 

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Muebles de cocina DOCA, leaders in INNOVATION, ELEGANCE AND QUALITY. We design and manufacture top quality DOCA kitchen furniture and wardrobes, we are environmentally friendly, only using certified wood.



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