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Luxury Stone Argus

We are surrounded by infinite beauty that we occasionally do not appreciate. Sometimes we have to stop for a moment and just look around us. There is beauty in a forest, a mountain, or even that small flower which against all odds has flourished in the middle of the city.

If we really open our eyes we are able to appreciate the beauty in things which usually go unnoticed. Beauty lies in a stone in the river. Stones are not always pretty but if we look at them carefully we can appreciate that they have remained unchanged over many years of being lashed by the current. Is there really anything more beautiful than this eternal image?

At Muebles de cocina Doca we think there is, and that is why we have created this new kitchen “Luxury Stone Argus”, which contains all the force of a rock in its central island, and the warmth of wood in its accompanying retractable columns. A kitchen as unique as the planet we live on.

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