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Craft Shaving / Sedamat Oceanic

Why do we bother to put all the bits of carrot on one side of our plate so that the sauce serving as a bed for the lobster, only reaches a third of the garnish?

Why does this exquisite fish make a perfect diagonal line with the angles of the plate, as well as a clean, precise tangent with the three accompanying onion rings?

Because we like order and aesthetics. There is always a logical reason why an idea starts, grows and develops, and why it doesn’t die.

It is ultimately the logical and constant evolution of a design. Following the latest trends in ‘industrial retro-vintage’ looks  Muebles de cocina Doca have created their new Craft series. The idea is to be reminded of industrial packaging made with chipboard and with letters printed on it in black revealing the hidden contents.

In the same way Doca reproduces those boxes in kitchen furniture. While also offering the chance to personalize the words on the outside so that all the various kitchenware and utensils are classified and identified at all times.

This is without doubt a fresh, very trendy idea, and as always, made in the same high quality which is typical of DOCA.


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