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Luxury Stone Cassini

Kitchens are evermore being positioned in open areas which connect different parts of a house. We don’t want to see fridges or extractor fans but pure, simple elements which give us water or keep away smoke and smells. And that’s what we have achieved in the Cassini Stone kitchen.

If there were a system on the market which allowed us to fill a pan with water using some revolutionary process of chemical engineering, who would want to put a tap in their kitchen?

The Cassini Stone kitchen, made in shiny porcelain imitatating Carrara Marble, and Sedamat en Blanco (White), offers all the conveniences and functionality a kitchen should but on the inside.

The Cassini Stone kitchen has an island which houses the cooking and washing area. The storage area at the back in smoked Eucalyptus, adds a touch of warmth to this kitchen. Furthermore, the side wall of this composition has been covered in the same material to strengthen this idea of warmth.  

All of the columns in the Cassini Stone kitchen are made of porcelain with hidden symmetrical openings.

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