Contemporary Kitchens

Grain Viejo Tinte Panga / Iron Vintage

Can anyone remember when they had guests and as the host they were designated to the kitchen while everyone-else enjoyed the party?

This concept for us is now obsolete, the kitchens are the star and have become the most crowded place in our homes.

At Muebles de cocina Doca we create designs which are so elegant that they are the only element necessary to impress our guests; old recovered wood which is stained to add a nostalgic touch to an elegant, comfortable kitchen. A combination of columns with a “Grain Viejo Tinte Panga” finish and columns lacquered in an “Iron Vintage” steel effect, create a design with a bohemian soul, full of creative energy where you feel that no recipe can go wrong.

At Muebles de cocina Doca we have created our kitchens as a work of art, but we haven’t forgotten their main role, which is why cooking in them is a complete delight. Their refined finishes, in this case with mechanized handles or low units with a Milan-style Gola handle, help any chef to make the most of their potential.


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Muebles de cocina DOCA, leaders in INNOVATION, ELEGANCE AND QUALITY. We design and manufacture top quality DOCA kitchen furniture and wardrobes, we are environmentally friendly, only using certified wood.



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