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Luxury Stone Zoe Natur

Nature, in all of its splendour shows us the beauty of seams in rock or grains in wood. And embracing this legacy Muebles de cocina DOCA presents their new collection LUXURY STONE ZOE NATUR y FUSTE EUCALIPTUS OLD.

Different ceramic finishes add elegant aesthetics which combine perfectly with metallic structures and wood, embellishing the room and making the kitchen a place where new meaning is created.

Once more, Muebles de cocina DOCA proposes an arrangement where the work area in LUXURY STONE maintains a linear design with the same material for the fronts as the countertop. Like this there is a feeling of uniformity throughout the whole area. And of course with all of the finishes which identify DOCA.

The interiors comprise drawers and saucepan drawers from the new Legrabox de Blum series. These have more space and are more resistant to weight as well as being minimalistic with straight, slim sides in three different finishes. It also incorporates new cutlery drawers and accessories which make every day use easier than ever before.

The metallic structures create a storage space as well as supporting a side table which combines both materials: ceramics and metal.

On the other hand, the top horizontal furniture finished in EUCALYPTUS wood and the glass shelves with lights, enhance the line of this design.

There is no doubt that storage is the key to an efficient kitchen, which must also be aesthetically beautiful and convenient. Muebles de cocina DOCA include both concepts in the columns, using FUSTE EUCALIPTUS OLD with a eucalyptus veneer and horizontal grain and ergonomics. All of this is achieved by incorporating opening mechanisms like sliding doors and flat coplanar surfaces which hide ovens, microwaves, coffee machines or pull-out wooden tables. Other great features include interior lighting with movement sensors and integrated fridges.

All of this is of course created with care for every detail which only Muebles de cocina DOCA knows how to give to all of their finishes.


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