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Cusan Corinto / Fuste Acacia Old

If it were possible to cook and clean the crockery in your living room without interfering in the slightest with the furniture and cleanliness of the room then who would want a kitchen? If the crockery could clean itself in a flash by going through a small tunnel where a complex mechanism functioned with a combination of lasers and microwaves, then who would want to have a sink?

At the moment, what we can do is adapt our furniture so that kitchens look in place in those spacious open-plan areas which are becoming more and more common in our homes.

Places where we live and have fun and as well as being ergonomic they are visually aesthetic and perfect too. This kitchen has two islands with lots of workspace, where you can choose an electric cooker or a more traditional gas one. Each island houses a style of cooking, a style of cookery.

Both islands have Cusan model mechanized handles so that you can open the drawers and doors without the need for physical handles. The column area in Traza with a Roble Old finish and mechanized Lyon handle houses all of the electrical equipment as well as having lots of storage space so that you can have everything at hand without seeing it. Cusan and Traza are a mixture of tradition and extreme modernity.

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