Classic Kitchens

Classic Kitchens

The DOCA product is characterized by its design and quality without forgetting functionality and ergonomics. Materials are studied and tested so that our kitchens look very up-to-date, whilst being extremely resistant and long lasting. Steel is polished by laser, resins are state of the art, lacquers highly glossy with a rubber effect…all of these make our product exceptional in every sense of the word.



Timeless Castañer Fernor

In Doca we like to innovate and is why we have created a classical kitchen with an air a little bit...

Timeless Roble Brack / Foro Transparente

It starts selecting the best ingredients in the market; then they are cleaned, cut, peeled and seasoned.Then on fire, taking ...

Biarritz Gris Lavanda

Some things never go out of fashion, like Jane Austen's novels, Beethoven's Fifth's Symphony and a good classic kitchen.

Timeless Blanco Brillo / Elegance / Lira transparente

The pleasure of cooking is, for those who really love it, one of the most exquisite and pleasurable pleasures that exist ...

Britania Blanco Viejo

The quintessential romantic kitchen. This kitchen shows an exquisite taste and a classic cult without losing a speck of ...

Gregal Roble Natural / Gregal Gris Perla

“Chup, chup, chup… “ is the sound to a simmer stew, of a recipe that has been in the family before anyone was able...

Brocant Nogal Velho / Borno Gris Perla

Here DOCA have developed a project with two models, the BROCANT NOGAL VELHO /GRIS REAL and BORNO NOGAL ...

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Muebles de cocina DOCA, leaders in INNOVATION, ELEGANCE AND QUALITY. We design and manufacture top quality DOCA kitchen furniture and wardrobes, we are environmentally friendly, only using certified wood.



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