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05 October 2018

A unique kitchen with natural stone engravings

DOCA’s values provide kitchens with the best of convenience, cleanliness and usefulness without putting elegance and versatility aside. Proof of this is the new Lavelet Negresco Leather, displayed this year at the Eurocucina exhibition in Milan.
A new concept of kitchen where DOCA takes the pictorial art of the canvas to the kitchen in the form of kitchen fronts engraved in natural stone which give us the beauty our senses long for. Our sight feels at ease while contemplating this piece of art, a new sober proposal with great strength where countertops, fronts and interiors create an island designed to enjoy art in all its senses.



With this design, DOCA’s great design team aims at achieving a groundbreaking and surprising proposal. The light shelf matches the island’s robustness, as it is made of optical glass which provides the whole DOCA kitchen with enough storage. This shelf goes unnoticed so that the imposing monolithic design island takes centre stage.

A project that does not transmit any emotion is not an option for us. Our product must be moving and that is the reason why we offer not only a high quality product, but also perfect finishing touches.

16 November 2016

The perfect Armoni

At first you might think that 3 elements which are so different could not possibly go together so beautifully, but you are wrong, our designers work magic. They make aligned sliding oak doors combine perfectly with a metal structure and low units.

The structure gives lots of scope for storing things like cookery books, bowls, cups, or as you can see in the photograph, glasses for that glass of wine while you are doing the cooking. Spaces can be closed, and with lighting incorporated this is a very elegant piece.
This structure gives a sense of space while at the same time it separates two areas.

In front of the structure there are some low units without handles where everything we need can be stored for convenience.

2154 EUROCUCINA PULPIS low 001.jpg

Low unit in Luxury stone zoe Natur


Low unit in Sedamat blanco

Low units can be customized to your taste with any of the more than 200 finishes in our catalogue, and here we give you two options, the first with Sedamat blanco which gives a contemporary feel to a kitchen, or another possible option with the innovative touch of porcelain which looks very distinguished.



Columns are in a stratified Albens finish with aligned sliding doors, which proved to be very successful in the last edition of Eurocucina 2016, when thousands of people on entering the Doca stand were surprised to see a cupboard with 6 aligned doors, open automatically, with no interaction. The cupboard incorporates an electronic push opening system and houses a cocktail area and various other places for storage, along with a fridge.

The new electronic opening system can be opened and closed by remote control or by lightly pressing on each of the doors, making this an extremely elegant yet simple option.

2154 EUROCUCINA PULPIS low 005.jpg

Customized cutlery trays are an essential accessory in your drawers. Here they are 100% customized with a porcelain base.


2154 EUROCUCINA PULPIS low 011.jpg

There are thousands of combinations possible for your drawers, with cutlery drawers of different sizes and heights for different utensils.

2154 EUROCUCINA PULPIS low 013.jpg

A contemporary kitchen which stands the test of time.

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