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03 July 2019
DOCA opens in Madrid its first flagship store in Spain DOCA opens in Madrid its first flagship store in Spain

DOCA opens in Madrid its first flagship store in Spain

The Valencian company DOCA, specialized in the design and manufacture of kitchens and high-end cabinets, opens its first flagship store in the Spanish capital. With a leading position in the sector and an excellent international projection, the company is committed to an innovative space designed to showcase its latest creations to distributors and private customers from around the world. On the verge of completing four decades, DOCA takes a strategic step in consolidating its position as a national and international reference in the design sector of kitchen furniture and high-end cabinets.

The new concept of shop-showroom DOCA in the form of a flagship store is presenting itself to the world. This original shop consists of more than 300 square meters in the most exclusive area of the neighbourhood of Cuatro Caminos and reflects the DNA of the brand: quality, innovation, flexibility, elegance and personalization.

Strategic meeting point with national and international distribution

DOCA started in the town of Vinaroz (Castellón) in 1980, and today opens the doors of its first shop in Madrid with the desire to have an extension of its modern facilities in Ulldecona (Tarragona) and to establish a hub in the capital. Here, the aim is to receive a growing number of customers and distributors from outside our country.
This opening is part of the internationalization process undertaken by the business partners, José Luis Castells - CEO - and José Montañés - Managing Director of the Expansion Department - in recent years. The company is enjoying an excellent response in Europe and America and has opened to new markets recently such as Ukraine, Russia and India, among others. The company currently exports about 54% of its sales and has Europe, America, India and China between its main markets. DOCA plans to continue increasing the export percentage until it reaches 70% and consolidates its position in our country, reaching geographical areas in which it is not yet present.


A display to keep up with a leading product

In this new stage, DOCA aims to strengthen its presence and commercial strategy through a neuralgic centre well connected with the exterior. Thus, DOCA is presenting its latest and cutting-edge cooking concepts, based on harmony, the integration of spaces, comfort and anticipation to the needs of the user.

The store-showroom DOCA in Madrid reflects the extensive possibilities of the kitchens of the firm, which designs and produces a wide variety of styles, sizes and configurations and hundreds of materials and finishes all previously studied and tested. Besides, this new location brings to Madrid some of the latest news presented during the Milan Design Week, Eurocucina 2018 and the last edition of Cevisama. Among them, you'll find Magma Ata, which combines with special delicacy the steel and the new technical materials with the wood of oak of more of thousand years old and the polished stone inlaid with authentic fossils. This space highlights the close bonds of DOCA with the worlds of architecture, interior design and gastronomy.

The original idea of the project has been conceived and developed by the internal team of the company enhancing the excellence and variety of the DOCA parts. In addition to the Magma Ata model, the showroom hosts another five high-end kitchen models - Fuste Eucalipto, Luxury Stone, Tiznar Stamp, New Factory and Step Nogal Matige - along with the spectacular Box dressing made out of leather, showcases and eucalyptus.

Contemporary or classic, but always unique and personalized kitchens

The DOCA furniture creates an environment perfectly in tune with the way of understanding the space, the aesthetics and the life of each user, client and project, thinking of the kitchen as an open and exciting place where you can look, feel, speak and think.

DOCA moves between technology and craftsmanship based on infinite stylistic conceptions, a changing catalogue of materials from the most classic to the unexpected, and high flexibility. When it comes to providing solutions and individualized measures, the DOCA internal team creates without limits to design or quality to give life to unique spaces where ergonomics, balance and precision prevail in every detail.

Walnut, chestnut, oak, ebony, eucalyptus and rosewood or natural stone coexist with other materials such as steel, aluminium, laminate, glass, lacquers or acrylics to generate surprising textures, colours and finishes.


Aesthetics, resistance and functionality in their dressing room proposals

DOCA custom cabinets interpret the privacy of the bedroom, providing extra comfort and design capable of transmitting sensations and excitement. The versatility and expertise when combining DOCA materials are transferred from the kitchen to other areas of the home, incorporating state-of-the-art solutions to its collection of cabinets, characterized by an attractive and timeless design.

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José Luis Castells, founding partner of DOCA

In love with nature, design and architecture, José Luis Castells has in music - especially the jazz of big bands - another of the greatest passions of his life and most loyal companies during his long journey as CEO of DOCA.
José Luis Castells, a tireless observer in search of new solutions, materials and concepts, has been guided from the beginning of his career by his will to make his project grow. Slowly but surely he has adapted to each moment based on evolving, differentiating from others and offering the best at all times. His intuition, his concerns and passion for his work have been his guides more than the strategies and business figures that have been defined and consolidated as a natural consequence.

At the end of the 70s, in a challenging context, but already within the kitchen furniture sector in Vinaroz, Castells decided to launch and embark, along with a partner, in the implementation of DOCA.

At first, it seemed that the most appropriate thing was to stay in a little ambitious product strip. However, the partners would soon realize that they had to convert the brand, erase any limits and pull up to get where DOCA is today: among the leading firms in the sector in Spain and striving to position itself with perseverance — always wanting to go further, among the best at European level.

Thus, Castells and his team -now made up of more than 80 people- have been identifying DOCA's wide-ranging catalogue for two decades as one of the leaders in the middle and high range in terms of kitchen furniture.

Having weathered the crisis and recovered the excellent health of the company making its way steadily out of our country, the company continues to bet unwaveringly to improve and innovate the product.
After his two trips to Eurocucina Milan in 2016 and 2018, and with his brand-new opening in Madrid - essential to show the world his products and support his commercial activity -, DOCA expects his landing in Eurocucina 2020 with enthusiasm. Here, DOCA hopes to set on the international market and gain a foothold in the first European line of design and manufacture of high-end kitchen furniture.

About DOCA

DOCA is a brand of high-end kitchen cabinets and cabinets and its design and manufacture that began its activity in the year 1980 in Vinaroz (Castellón). Halfway between an industrial manufacturer and the finish of an expert cabinetmaker, his pieces seduce a sensitive clientele that seeks unique and customizable furniture. DOCA is a guarantee of commitment to the expectations of the client and to the furniture he produces, achieving exceptional results with style and quality as premises.
The business is present, through a network of 128 authorized distributors, in 23 countries spread across Europe, the United States, India and China. Continually looking to the future and supported by its experience, the company currently employs about 80 people and is a safe bet when it comes to purchasing furniture and kitchen environments and changing rooms.

Its turnover in 2018 was 8 million euros, an amount that is expected to rise to over 9 million by the end of this year. In the middle of this year (May 31, 2019) its growth is 26% compared to the same period of the previous year. Currently, DOCA focuses its efforts on continuing its international expansion and on continuing to increase investment in R & D and high technology equipment.


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