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08 July 2016


Beech tree forests are therapeutic, magical places where dampness and fog cause a strange sensation which overwhelms us as we enter, stimulating our most vivid imagination. This is the fairy kingdom which has been the source of creative inspiration for many, who have written and still write endless stories about magic, the place where thousands of legends are told, where new mythological beings are created, where filmmakers choose their setting with beech trees playing the leading role.

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare1

Beech tree forests are more dominant in mountain areas with a wet climate. Despite being solitary trees, fir, yew, birch, mountain ash and holly trees are usually found in this type of forest. Few of them however are as tenacious as is this lover of shaded areas: it can resist harsh winters and its lush canopy gives rivals very few chances of survival in the shadowy dimly-lit undergrowth.


European beech tree forests go from the south of Norway and Sweden right down to Pilio in central Greece, reaching the sides of Mount Etna volcano in Sicily (Italy), and Tinença de Benifassa –Els Ports Natural Park which is found in the north of the Valencian Community and the south of Catalonia (Spain).
They are also to be found throughout central Europe, with some well-known ones like the Black Forest (Germany), Soignes and Sart-Tilman forests (Belgium), as well as others in France where beech trees make up 10% of their forests. Our peninsula is home to 40 of these “sanctuaries”, with the most important one on a worldwide scale being Irati Forest in Navarra.

The southernmost area where Fagus sylvatica can be found is in Bianca near Zafferana, at 37º 41' 45" North and 2º 37' 03" East", on the southern slope of Mount Etna in Sicily. Currently, the southernmost point on the Iberian Peninsula is the “Hayedo del Retaule” (Retaule Beech Forest) in Tinença de Benifassa –Els Ports Natural Park between 40º 4l' and 40º 43' North latitude.

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare9   Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare8


Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare18

The majestic (Fagus sylvática) beech tree makes the most beautiful deciduous forests on the Iberian Peninsula, it is renowned for its stature measuring between 30 and 45 metres in height, and its upright trunk with smooth greyish black bark up to an advanced age. It has oval, light green coloured leaves all over the many branches between autumn and spring, depending on the climate and their altitude. At the beginning of autumn the leaves are a beautiful intense range of colours from green to ochre and reddish brown, making a wonderful photographic scene, which unfortunately lasts very few days. Small flowers appear during the spring and then the beechnuts come out, which are an exquisite delicacy for rodents like squirrels as well as various birds.

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Tinença de Benifassà- Els Ports Natural Park is located in the north of the Valencian Community and in the south of Catalonia, around 35km from the Doca Factory (Ulldecona). This park is full of rich high mountain vegetation, some of which are outstanding endemic examples with characteristics representing a cultural and patrimonial reference for this region. There are some incredibly beautiful natural landscapes in the interior part of the park which must be preserved for future generations. Some places should not be missed, for example the ¨Pi Gros¨ and the ¨Faig Pare¨ in Hayedo del Retaule (Retaule Beech Forest).

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Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare6

Hayedo del Retaule , is in the heart of the park, along the ravine of the same name, and this is where you can find this spectacular tree which was given the name “Lo Faig Pare” (Father Beech Tree). It is unique due to its fantastic, strange shapes making it look like a tree straight out of a fairytale or from a long told legend, with its uncovered weird shaped roots; this is one of the most beautiful trees in the Natural Park, and was declared a monumental tree by DARP (Dpt. Agriculture, Farming and Fishing. GENCAT) on 3rd December 1992. This is one of the many, marvellous unknown areas in the Natural park. ¨Lo Faig Pare¨ is 25metres high, and is full of branches and knots. It is thought to be more than 250 years old, approaching the end of its lifespan which is calculated at around three hundred years.


Beech Wood is much appreciated, with its characteristic rosy cream colour, dappled with small darker brown points, and uniform grain which does not change much in appearance during spring and summer.
It is hard, strong Wood with closed pores and easy to work with, and because of these qualities it is very sought after in the carpentry industry, especially for making chairs, doors, moulding, turned pieces, wooden floors as well as in naval constructions as it can be varnished and polished and it can be bent and turned well.
It is also very useful when making sheets of wood for covering boards or plywood.

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Beech Wood impregnates better than others so it can be used in any hydraulic or marine work and is suitable for making oars, in agriculture it is used for making tool handles, wheelbarrows, carts and ploughs.
In the home it is used for making tables, chairs, stools, stairs, parquet floors, toys, clothes pegs, paintbrush handles, and as it can be bent easily it is useful for making hoops, sieves and other circular pieces, for office furniture and kitchen furniture, shelves, decking, cutlery trays, drawers, accessories, kitchen utensils…

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Detail of a curved, turned cutlery tray. DOCA 2002


Although the furniture market always follows new trends, new designs with new materials, beech wood has always been present, perhaps even more so in the background, in silence, ready to be “manipulated”, knowing that beauty comes from fleeting experiences.

Because of the most relevant treatment given to beech wood, depending on what it is going to be used for (gluing, amalgamated veneers, protection with waterproofing substances, varnished with natural products, dyed with hydroalcohol using uncommon ingredients and with great care…).

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare

Antartic Negro Seda. Fausto Alum. Beech Table. Doca 2002

Because of the use of materials suitable for the type of use they will have (wood from legally harvested timber, obtained from forests in central Europe), interest in making the most beautiful handles; the most appropriate stainless steel fittings, the search for enhanced solutions for different bearings and strong fine-tuned hinges, as well as endless painstakingly cared for details which help to make kitchen models which comply with the most demanding quality regulations.

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare11

Baus  Sicomoro . Estanterías  de haya. Doca  2002


DOCA kitchen furniture, with its basic modular structure has been created to develop and complete the functionality of the product in question. Even when the most important thing for DOCA is the function of a product, it must be said that its models – still within a clear configurational patent, meaning defined pure lines and volumes -, lie somewhere between design and sculpture.

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare5

 Blanco Sedemat Eucaliptus Old fuste Cassini luxury stone. DOCA 2015

Furthermore, it has to be said that DOCA is not trying to offer a series of products which are in fashion, but their intention has been and still is to make contemporary furniture which is timeless. So in spite of their industrial creation they have a presence which is clearly durable; they are not objects to be used and thrown away on the basis of astutely calculated obsolescence. DOCA searches for excellence in their products, both in materials and also in design and functionality.

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Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare7Castañer Fernor. DOCA 2016

 In DOCA designs you can see a strong tie between the interior and exterior space, mainly formed by the material shapes of the furniture, in the functional transformations created, the free flow of the room, how therapeutic sensations given transmit the feeling of a quiet walk through beech forests in autumn. 

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare2

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare4

Doca Mueblesdecocina Faigpare13

Argus Luxury Stone Roble. DOCA2016


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