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15 February 2016

The best olive oil in the best kitchen.

Olive oil and kitchens share undoubtedly many qualities. An example of that is its impeccable makeup.

Everything begins in its essence, in its heart, in its genesis. The olive tree raises from the earth with strength and firmness, just as the walnut, the chestnut and the oak trees do. Their golden fruit, appreciated by diners, count on a large and delicate process that begins in October, with the harvesting of olives. This is also the case with the wood removed from forests, from the inside of their trees, carefully selected on the grounds of respect to the environment.
In the case of extra virgin olive oil, the process must be so cautious that the best tool to do so are the hands. The separation of olives, the grounding, shake and its keeping are steps where the human being and the oil press blend their fortitudes so as to create the best oil.
In the woods, the trunk is slowly converted by the impact of demarcations, the sawing and the drying. Its shape, texture and its colour experience their full metamorphose when a human team works with the aim of designing , improving, making and spreading every small detail. And this way, together with other materials such as steel, glass or aluminium, they shape and give light and shadow to our kitchens; a place where design and nature come together to create a space in our homes which is unique and personalised.


Este paralelismo no se encuentra solamente en el proceso, sino también en sus características. La agricultura ecológica y las buenas prácticas en los bosques es una de ellas. Como también lo es el propósito de volver a la esencia, al inicio: una cocina que permita ver la naturaleza en todo su esplendor y un aceite que se parezca lo más posible a la leche materna.
La riqueza de este tesoro líquido permite disfrutar a todo tipo de paladares gracias a su variedad de olivos. Por ejemplo, la arbequina, la canetera o la borriolenca, únicas por su exclusivo color, aroma o sabor; unas variedades que podemos encontrar en la finca Bardomus, con una especial orografía y localización, franqueada por la Sierra de Irta y Prat de Cabanes.
Del mismo modo que estas variedades están pensadas para todos los gustos, las cocinas satisfacen las necesidades de cada cliente. En el caso de Doca, su variedad en cocinas clásicas o contemporáneas y su amplio abanico, permite que cada uno encuentre su mejor opción.
Cocina y aceite

This parallelism doesn't only happen in the procedure, but also in its distinctive features; organic agriculture and its code of good practices in the woods is one of them. Just as it is the purpose of going back to the essential quality, to the beginning: a kitchen that enables you to see the forces of nature in all their splendour as well as an olive oil that looks as much alike as breast milk.
The rich inner of this fluidic treasure makes it possible for every taste demands to enjoy the flavours, thanks to its variety of olive trees. Take for example the "arbequina", the "canetera" or even the "borriolenca" olive types, all of them unique for their distinctive colour, scent and taste; olive varieties that we can find in the "Bardomus" estate with its special relief and location, flanked by the "Irta" mountain chain and the "Prat de Cabanes" natural reserve.
Just as these varieties are thought for every appeal, so are kitchens too, to satisfy the needs for every client's demands. In the case of Doca with its range of either, classic or contemporary kitchens, as well as its wide spectrum, enable every customer to find the best option.
It is certainly a reality that olive oil and kitchens share a vast number of qualities: an impeccable combination, full of content and with a procedure indulged to the last detail. All with a single goal: that today's kitchen furnishings remain in time for their merits, just as memories of a unique olive oil endure. Every palate which has tried the arbequina olive variety from Bardomus will remember its fragrance and flow. Also the peculiar flavour and light bitterness of the borrolienca type or the chlorophyll impression of the canetera.
But the best quality that they share is without a doubt the course of time; being able to apply the ancient techniques that previous generations have kept to our days while at the same time making the most of the advantages that modern and technological advances have brought us.
And with all of this, having the possibility of bringing together a unique kitchen with a unique olive oil. Or a unique olive oil with a unique kitchen. We already know that the order of the factors doesn't alter the product.


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